Hereford Update

Danish Hereford Association International Report 2018

By Kaj Jespersen, Mandix Hereford

Translated by Gillian Andersen, Solbakkens Hereford

Denmark has had a historically dry summer this year, but despite this it has been a good year for the Danish Hereford Association with good turnouts at all the activities.

New bull tapped.

For the fourth year in a row the Danish Hereford Association has selected a new bull for tapping. This time it is Fonagergaard Norman, which has been tested at the bull testing station in Aalestrup with good results.

His sire is Rosenkær Night Flyer with Solbakkens Gangster as the dams sire. He has a high S index- 138 and a very high production index of 143. All in all a good all round bull.

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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Danish Hereford Association (1969 – 2019) it gives us great pleasure to invite you all to our celebrations.

The National Show will be held in Herning from the 4th to the 6th of July 2019. The address is Kaj Zartows Vej, 7400 Herning    -

The judging of Herefords will start on Thusday the 4th July and we hope to be able to show you approximately 75 of the best Herefords in Denmark.

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Dear Fellow Hereford Breeders, here is the Danish report for 2015 as printed in the English Breed Journal 2016. At the end of the article you can read Update 2012.

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Approximately two years ago the Danish Hereford Associations breeding committee decided to upgrade the importance of the bull testing program with a new model for selection and grant to breeders for the testing of Hereford bull calves.

The bull calves are selected from the best pedigree Danish cows whilst the sires are from both Danish and imported bulls.

This new model for selection has already given impressive results as can be seen in the table below showing the averages for bulls in 2013-2014 compared with 2014-2015.

Characteristic 2013-2014 2014-2015 Difference
365 days wt. 603 kg. 628 kg. + 25 kg
Feed intake 1.257 FE 1.213 FE - 44 FE
Food conv.ratio 5,3 FE/kg. 4,49 FE/kg. -          0,81 FE/kg.
Daily wt.gain 1.696 g 1.922 g + 226 g
Back musc.area 78,2 cm2 81,6 cm2 + 3,4 cm2

The best bulls in test have had a daily growth rate of up to 2.464 g and a 365 day weight of 732 kg.

Hereford bull calves are tested at ‘Ålestrup Avlsstation’ which is one of the most modern individual testing stations, for beef breeds, in the world. The testing period is from 225 days to 365days (7.5 -12 months).

The bulls are weighed at 225 days and every 4 weeks whilst their feed intake is registered automatically throughout the trial period. The back muscle area is scanned 3 times, at 10, 11 and 12 months of age. 3 breeding indexes are calculated from the test results T-index, U-index and the FEF-index.

The bulls with the very best test results are used in the Hereford Associations AI program.

2 new AI bulls

The breeding committee has now selected 2 new AI bulls for the associations breeding plan, Roost 1 Hannibal and Nordbæk Kenan 1098.

Roost 1 Hannibal’s sire is Vokslev Eik, his dam is Roost 1 Everglades and the dams sire is Roost 1 Biba. There are a number of champion animals from Denmark’s National Shows in Hannibal’s pedigree. Hannibal’s test results were very good, food conversion ratio 4,77 FE per kg, 87,7 cm2 back muscle area and a daily growth rate of 1.971 g. His estimated breeding values are also good T-index 102, U-index 107 and FEF- index 102. Roost 1 Hannibal has an S index of 135.

Nordbæk Kenan 1098 is sired by Rosenkaer Gold Medal, who was also the sir of the best offspring group at the National Show 2014. The dam is Solbakkens Gipsy and dams sire is Supreme Ceasar ET. In Kenans pedigree in the 3rd generation there are internationally known bulls, Remitall Keynote 20X, Wiranya Batavia S5, Remitall Patriot ET 13P, and Slyks 1 Agro, which was Supreme Champion at the World Hereford Show in 2008, Kenans test results were excellent with a food conversion ratio of 4,28 FE /kg, 88,8 cm2 back muscle area and a daily growth rate of 1900g. His estimated breeding values are T-index 103, U-index 105 and FEF index 103. Nordbæk Kenan has an S index of 128.

Information about all the Hereford AI bulls can be seen on the Hereford Associations website,

Keld Balle new chairman

At the annual general meeting, 14th march 2015, it was decided to increase the number of board members for the Danish Hereford Association from 5 to 7. The new chairman of the board is Keld Balle and his deputy is Ove Engbjerg.

Hereford trip to Germany and Holland

24 Danish Hereford breeders were on the trip to Germany and Holland 11th, 12th and 13th September 2015. The aim was to see the national show in Dalfsen. The judge was Bent Sorensen, Rosenkaer Polled Hereford, Denmark, assisted by his daughter Pernille.

They also took the opportunity of visiting 4 Hereford herds in Germany and Holland. After the trip they could conclude that Danish Herefords are well represented in Germany and Holland and that they play an influential role in both the German and Dutch breeding plan.

Moeskaer Pacman 1417 ET Europe best Hereford bull

Moeskaer Pacman, born 14.04.2013, and owned by Henrik Andersen, Moeskaer Polled Hereford, won the title of Europe best Hereford bull 2014/15, nr. 2 was the English Kinglee 1 Kevin and the 3rd. place went to Switzerland. The world final at the US National Show in Texas, placed Moeskaer Pacman nr. 3 and the winner was Kemikaze from Uruguay. The organizers of the event are the American based organization Hereford

Moeskaer Pacman 1417 ET is the son of Harvie Tailer Made ET 7W and Harvie Miss Perfection 30P and Harvie Ladies Man 4L is the dams sire. Pacmans 365 day weight was 720 kg.

Moeskaerr Pacman 1417 was Grand Champion both at the National Show in 2014 and the beef cattle show in Herning (Agromek), also 2014.

Large Danish Hereford Export

Danish Hereford animals and animals with Danish ancestors have mingled with the top animals in a number of European countries where they have achieved great results. These culminated in 2013 with SMH Castro 0001 EF, bred by Jens Michael Jensen, Søndermarkens Hereford, which won the exclusive title ‘Sire of the Year’ in the homeland of herefords, England. A truly fantastic Danish breeders achievement resulting in feed-back from many different places.

In Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Finland, the Danish Herefords and Herefords with Danish origins have achieved top placements at shows and auctions. These results are something to be proud of and as Keld Balle says it shows that the Danish breeders understand how to breed the type of Hereford which is sought after in many countries.

Keld Balle experiences a lot of respect for Danish Herefords from all over Europe. Danish Hereford breeders have exported a large number of pedigree animals to some of the top herds in Europe.

During the last 4 years Denmark has exported 3,248 pedigree beef cattle from 15 different beef breeds of which the 1,203 exported pedigree animals were Herefords.

To export Danish Herefords to England, was thought to be an impossibility but today Hereford breeders in Great Britain have discovered the quality of the Danish animals, which have top pedigrees from the whole world, and have bought new breeding stock from Denmark.

Many of the Danish Hereford animals exported to the British Isles have achieved top results at both auctions and shows. The most recent result being at the Autumn Show and Sale in Hereford on the 13th October 2015 where 4 out of the 9 most expensive animals had a Danish sire.

Judges Conference

The Danish Hereford Association’s breeding committee holds a judges conference every year to ensure the highest possible degree of continuity in the judging of Herefords throughout the country. The animals should be judged in accordance with the breeding goals.

This year the judges conference took place on the 24th October at Nordbaek Hereford, a herd of 22 pedigree polled Hereford cows plus calves and yearling heifers. At the conference the judges evaluated the last years judging and discussed how to judge ‘best pair’ and ‘best herd group’ and the different challenges the judges meet. The program included practical judgement where the judges gave a description of the animals and the discussion afterwards showed that the judges were unanimous as to how Herefords should be judged at shows.

The National Show 2015

The National Show 2015 was held on the 2nd to the 4th of July in Herning, it was a very hot experience for the animals, exhibitors and the general public. 58 pedigree Herefords, 18 bulls, 24 heifers and 12 cows with calf, were entered. The judge was Henk Kuipers, Horstinge Hereford, Holland, who is also the Dutch Hereford Association chairman. There were spectators from Switzerland, Holland and Germany.

Supreme, Grand and Junior Champion female was Haurum Kiss d.o.b. 01.05.2014 from Haurum Hereford. She is out of the Swedish born bull Bårarps Johnny and Haurum Fie with Moeskaer Inline 1081 ET the dams sire. She weighed 572 kg.

Reserve Grand and Reserve Junior Champion female was Åland 1 Katrine d.o.b. 24.02.2014, out of the Irish bull Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET and Åland Evita with the Scottish bull Romany 1 Captain R22 C1 the dams sire. She weighed 591 kg and was exhibited by Åland Hereford.

Heifer Calf Champion was Haurum Klare d.o.b. 30.09.2014 from Haurum Hereford. She is out of Vokslev Eik and Haurum Hanne with Bårarps Johnny the sire of the dam. She weighed 381 kg.

The Cow Champion was Rosenkaer Indiansummer d.o.b. 25.02.2013 from Rosenkaer Polled Hereford. She is out of Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide ET and Rosenkaer Fair Lady 302 F with RMR 1 Pioneer the dams sire. She weighed 686 kg and her heifer calf from 14.02.2015 sired by Moeskaer Razor 1431 ET weighed 212 kg.

Grand and Senior Champion Bull was Moeskaer Tracer 1403 d.o.b.15.02.2013 out of by the Canadian bull Square D PF Timeline 237W and Moeskaer Tracy 1130 with Moeskaer Keyman 1003 ET the dams sire. He weighed 1.183 kg and was shown by Brunmose Hereford.

Reserve Grand and Junior Champion Bull was Rosenkaer Iniesta d.o.b. 27.12 2013 sired by Dorepoll 1 93N Transatlantic ET from N. Ireland and Moeskaer Rose 1058, with Moeskaer Salute 994 the dams sire. He weighed 882 kg and was shown by Rosenkaer Polled Hereford.

Champion Bull Calf was Haurum Keld d.o.b. 16.08.2014 sired by Bårarps Johnny with RMR 1 Pioneer the dams sire. He weighed 555kg and was shown by Haurum Hereford.

The National Show in 2016 will be held from 30th June to the 2nd July.

Zealands Autumn Show 2015

The Zealands Autumn Show for Hereford was held on the 17th and 18th of October in Holbaek. This year was the 30th anniversary with an extremely impressive turnout with animals of a very high quality, and good width. Especially the heifers impressed the spectators but in all the groups there were very attractive animals even way down the line.

Robin Irvine from Graceland Herefords in N.Ireland who judged the 44 heredford animals was positively surprised by the quality of the animals. During the judging he complemented the animals befor him which he found to be excellent. Robin Irvine said after the judging that he hadn’t expected such a lot of high quality Herefords in Denmark.

Grand Junior Champion female was a heifer Højris Ingeborg, d.o.b.20.10. 2013 from Højris Hereford. She is out of Golden Oak Fusion 3S and Moeskaer Queen 1312 with Moeskaer Keyman 1003 ET the dams sire. She weighed 817 kg.

Reserve Grand and Reserve Junior Champion female was Asserholm Lady Linda 3, d.o.b. 07.01.2014 from Asserholm Hereford, out of Asserholm Lady Linda sired by Salcey 1 Floyd with the English bull, Mara Bastion the dams sire. She weighed 622kg.

Champion Heifer Calf was Markeslev Fix 3 d.o.b.08.08.2014 from Markeslev Hereford. She is sired by Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty from Ireland and Slyk’s Fix with Sdr. Ydby Apollo the dams sire. She weighed 536 kg.

Cow Champion was Markeslev Fix 1 d.o.b.22.06.2012 shown by Markeslev Hereford. She was shown with a bullcalf by Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET d.o.b.30.08.2015. She is sired by Skibsted 1 Frigast. Her dam is Slyk’s 1 Fix which is also the dam of the heifer calf Champion, Markeslev Fix 3. Markeslev Fix 1 weighed 843 kg.

Grand and Senior Champion bull was Woodland Hat-Trick d.o.b.29.06.2012, shown by Woodland Hereford. He is sired by NBG 69T The Wonderer 36 R ET and Bazar of Woodland, the dams sire is Roost 1 Tom. He weighed 1.085 kg.

Reserve Grand and Bull calf Champion was Asserholm Lincoln d.o.b. 15.01.2015, shown by Asserholm Hereford, out of the English born Badlingham Blossom 167th, sired by Humerous with the dams sire F.H.Diamond ET. He weighed 415 kg.

Agromek Beef Cattle Show 2016

Danish Beef Cattle have the biennial indoor winter show in connection with the large farming show, Agromek, in Herning, where there will be a lage number of Herefords competing and the event takes place on the 24th and 25th of November 2016.

Moeskaer Tracer 1403, Grand and Senior Champion bull The National Show 2015

Haurum Kiss, Supreme, Grand and Junior Champion female The National Show 2015
Moeskaer Tracer HJ  Haurum Kiss HJ700

Moeskaer Pacman 1417 ET Europe best Hereford bull 2014-2015

Åland 1 Katrine, Reserve Grand og Reserve Champion female The National Show 2015

 Kødkvægskue 2014 239 Moeskær Paceman 1417 HJ  Åland 1 Katrine HJ

Rosenkaer Iniesta, Reserve Grand and Junior Champion bull The National Show 2015

Robin Irvine with Højris Ingeborg, Grand and Junior Champion Zealands Autumn Show 2015

Rosenkær Iniesta HJ   Højris Ingeborg HJ700

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